オリジナルタイトル: Traditional Machiya in Kyoto up to 4 ppl

Kyoto, Kyōto Fu, Japan


25,000 JPY


  • 一軒家
  • まるごと貸切
  • 滞在者数 4名
  • ベッドルーム数 1
  • ベッド数4
  • バスルーム1



What is STAR Host? : STAR Hosts are experienced hosts who have met and exceeded HomeAway’s STAR hosting criteria


Please do not send Booking Request without going through the regular inquiring process. Also, when you contact us first, please make sure to include the following: your country, number of guests, their gender and ages, and a brief introduction of you and/or your group. Thank you!

=== Quick Info of our Machiya ===

Only 5 min walk from Gjo station. In a quiet location. Also, 2 min walk to Higashi Hongwan-ji and 5 min to NIshi Honganji. Great location for walking in and exploring Kyoto.

=== Access===

★By train: From 5min. walk Gojo station of Kyoto subway line.

★By airplane: (From Kansai airport to Kyoto)
- From Kansai airport, MK Skygate shuttle bus (3,500yen)
- From Osaka airport, MK Skygate shuttle bus (2,300yen)

MK sky gate shuttle bus is shared-taxi. You need to book it in advance.
MK sky gate shuttle can accept booking on phone until 12 afternoon of the day before.

=== Neighborhood ===

★Eating: We do not serve meals. You can cook your favorite dishes using ingredients of Kyoto in the kitchen . We will recommend best local restaurants, bars, cafes and shops.

<Suggested Dining Places>

- Shinpukusaikan Popular Ramen shop(Noodles shop): There is a long line in front of the shop everyday.

- Kicho: 3 stars of Michelin guide. You can enjoy Kaiseki (Formal Japanese style foods).

★Places to Visit: There are lots of them in Kyoto!

=== Rooms and Facility ===

★Japanese Living Room: There is a Kotatsu which is a traditional heating system in Japan. It is a table and a heater combined as one piece of furniture.

★Living Room: 24hour internet access.

★Japanese Style Bed Room: It comes withTatami flooring to help you have a comfortable stay.

★Provided: futons, linens, internet, air conditioner, cooker, cookware, set of dishes, toaster, microwave, hair dryer, shampoo, conditioner and body wash.

★There is a fridge. There is no TV.

★If you have any questions, such as materials and equipment not specified in the list, please feel free to contact us.

=== Notes on Prices===

★If you wish to replace the linen once, "500 yen × Number of guests" will be the charge for that. Please let us know in advance.

=== Booking Flow ===

1. You send us an inquiry first.

2. If everything works out between us, then, you will send us a booking request.

3. We review the request. If it is something we can accept, we will do it and the reservation becomes finalized. Then, the payment gets made through HomeAway.

4. After the reservation is finalized, then, we will send you a reservation confirmation email with agreement that must be read thoroughly and agreed upon in order for you to stay at our house. After we confirm you read it thoroughly and agreed to the terms in the contract, then, we will send you information about check-in, including security code for entrance.

5. On the date of check in, you will go directly to our machine and use the security code to enter it. Check-in is after 4 pm only.

6. During your stay, if you have questions, you can contact us by phone, email or HomeAway messaging system. (Our phone number and email address will be shared with you once the reservation becomes finalized)

7. Check-out must be done by 11 am. When you check out, please make sure to lock the entrance.
STAR Hostとは?: HomeAwayが定めた特定のホスティング基準を満たすホストです




=== アクセス===


- 関西国際空港より MKスカイゲイトシャトルバスにて京都まで(3500円)
- 大阪伊丹空港より MKスカイゲイトシャトルバスにて京都まで(2300円)



★お食事: お食事はお出ししておりませんが、京都の食材を使用し台所でご自分でお好きな料理をすることが出来ます。個性的なレストランやバー、カフェ、お弁当屋さんなど、おいしい京都がございます。


- 新福菜館:京都の名物ラーメン店。真っ黒のスープからは想像できないあっさりした味わいです。

- 吉兆:ミシュランガイドにも選ばれた名店。茶懐石を中心に四季に合わせた日本料理でおもてなしをしていただけます。



★リビング: PCが設置され京をおもわせるディスプレイのリビングです。こたつもございますので、ゆっくりおくつろぎいただけます。



★設備:布団 、リネン、インターネット、 エアコン、調理器具、食器一式、トースター、電子レンジ、ドライヤー、シャンプー、コンディショナー、ボディソープ







1. HomeAwayのこのページからメッセージを送り、問合わせをしてください。

2. 空きや条件など確認ができたら、予約リクエストを送信してください。

3. 予約リクエスト内容にも問題がなければ、私どもでそのリクエストを承認します。そうすると、予約は正式に完了となり、HomeAwayを通しての支払いが実行されます。

4. 予約(支払い)完了後、ご予約確認メールをお送り致します。同時にこのメールにて賃貸借契約書を送付致します。この契約書を熟読しご承諾頂いた事を確認できたら、町屋の暗証番号等のチェックインに関してのご案内を申し上げます。

5. 清掃をしておりますのでチェックインは午後4時以降にお願いいたします。

6. ご利用期間中にご不明な点、ご要望などございましたら、お気軽にご連絡ください。

7. チェックアウト時間は午前11時までとなっております。玄関の扉を閉めていただき京都の街にお出かけください。手続き等はございません。


  • インターネット
  • WiFiネット接続
  • エアコン
  • 暖房設備
  • キッチン
  • 浴槽


清掃費 別途チャージされない
追加ゲスト料 別途チャージされない
保証金 JPY 0
保証金("Security Deposit")は、設備の損傷や紛失等に備えて、チェックイン時にホストに対して支払われ、チェックアウト時に返金されます。 ... さらに詳しく
キャンセル 厳格




- Absolutely NO SMOKING inside the property, including the garden.

- No animals are allowed inside the house.

- Due to the features of the neighborhood and the building, voices/noises from next door may seep into the house. Likewise, sound made from inside the guest house may be heard outside. Please be mindful of this and be courteous to the neighbors. If we get a considerable level of complaint from neighbors, we may have to ask you to leave the property. Should such situation arise, there will be no refund for the stay.
- 敷地内を全面禁煙です。
- 動物を敷地内に入れるのは禁止です。
- 騒音等、近所迷惑となる行為は禁止です。


チェックイン 午後4:00
チェックアウト 午前11:00
休日の家のサイズ -
最短宿泊日数 2 泊
最長宿泊日数 180 泊

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I enjoyed my stay at this property. It was in a great location and good access to many sightseeing places in Kyoto. Host was very friendly, responsive and very reliable.