オリジナルタイトル: Okinawa,2Parking lot/Naha/Aquarium/3DK

宜野湾市, 沖縄県, Japan



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Welcome to Okinawa!!
This room is in「Ginowan-city」which is located slightly south in Okinawa. You can reach it conveniently from Naha airport, and also to famous places!
I will support you as much as possible so that you can have fabulous memories!!
Here are the details of the room:
・3DK(about 70㎡)
・3 bedrooms, a large living room, and air conditioners are equipped in all rooms.
・Do not worry about internet! This room has both internet and pocket wi-fi!
Please have a nice stay at Okinawa!!

【Toursist spots】
1. Yomitanson

Zappa Cape: Its height is about 30m and the cape itself is 2 km long. Do not miss out the beautiful view of the sunset at this place!
Zakimi Castle: It is one of the world heritages constructed in early 1500s!
Zappa Beach: There are jellyfish protection nets for your safety, so you can enjoy this beach without any worries. There is also a marine shop around and you can enjoy marine activites there! No entrance fees and you can go up to the top!
Zanpa Resort Activity Park: The biggest Okinawan lion is located here, 7m tall!
Akainko: Akainko is the temple in which the Okinawan Shamisen song 「赤子犬」is based off of.

2. The area around Yomitanson

Araha beach (Chatan Mihama)・・・The most attractive point is that you are able to enjoy the beach as well as the park. The life-sized pirate ship 'Indian Oak' is there!
Sunset beach (Chatan Mihama)・・・One of the most popular sunset spots! You will have so much fun that you will forget time and feel really happy!
American Village (Chatan Mihama)・・・a commercial mall. Its trademark is a big Ferris wheel. You will see the marvelous scenery during sunset!
Churaumi Aquarium (Nago)

Okasi Goden・・・the biggest souvenir shop in Okinawa
Yomitan cooperative center・・・lots of Yomitan craft is available here!

Hanaui Soba・・・The unbelievably popular restaurant! Not only tourists but also the locals enjoy this place. 'Vegetable soba' and curry-flavored Soba are waiting for you!
Gon Yomitan shop・・・The 3rd Okinawan Soba Grand prix shop! Okinawan-style stewed pork spare ribs and boned rib soup are delicious~
From Naha Airport, take the Route 58 towards Churaumi Aquarium (Kitakami) for about 30 minutes, there is an intersection called "Isa Kita". This facility is located just in front of you.




【観光スポット1】 ★残波岬・・・沖縄本島最西端の残波岬は、周辺が自然のままの海岸線で高さ約30mの断崖が約2km続いています。また夕焼けの時間には非常にロマンチックな時間を楽しむことができます。家族でもカップルでも・・・ 座喜味城跡・・・読谷村の中心に位置する15世紀初期に築かれたお城。沖縄の世界遺産の1つである「座喜味城跡(ざきみじょうあと)」です。入場料もかからず、城壁へ上ることもできます。 残波ビーチ・・・残波岬に向かう途中にある海水浴場。クラゲ防護ネットがちゃんと張られてしっかり管理されているのでとても安心です。また、周辺にはマリンshopもあるので、マリンアクティビティが楽しめます。 残波岬公園・・・残波岬灯台近くにある公園。沖縄最大の巨大シーサーがいます!全高約7m!!とてもビッグです! 赤犬子宮・・・琉球三味線歌曲の祖「赤子犬」を奉った宮です。 【観光スポット2】アラハビーチ(北谷美浜)・・・最大の魅力は、ビーチでも公園でも楽しく遊べるところ。公園内の芝生には、実物大の海賊船「インディアン・オーク号」のアスレチックが有ります。 サンセットビーチ(北谷美浜)・・・沖縄有数のサンセットスポット。青い海・白い砂浜から眺めるサンセットは時が経つのを忘れさせてくれて、至福の時間を味わうことができます。 アメリカンビレッジ(北谷美浜)・・・たくさんのお店が入っている商業施設です。目印は大きな観覧車。サンセットタイムには、素敵な景色を眺めて、良い時間を過ごすことができます。 美ら海水族館(名護) 【ショッピング】 御菓子御殿・・・沖縄の銘菓を製造販売していて、沖縄最大のお土産屋さんです。 読谷共同販売センター・・・読谷の工芸品が揃うセンター。 【グルメ】 花織(はなうい)そば・・・読谷村の超人気店。観光客だけでなく、地元の人も通うくらいの有名店です。こちらのお店では、野菜がたっぷり乗った「野菜そば」やカレー味のそばなどを楽しむことが出来ます。 根夢(ごん) 読谷店・・・"第3回沖縄そば王"グランプリに輝いた人気店。甘くとろけるソーキや三枚肉がスープと相性バッチリ!!とても美味しいです!!



  • テレビ
  • インターネット
  • WiFiネット接続
  • エアコン
  • 暖房設備
  • キッチン
  • 駐車場込み
  • 洗濯機/乾燥機
  • 浴槽
  • 屋内暖炉
  • 家族/子供連れOK


清掃費 JPY 8,640 (予約につき)
追加ゲスト料 JPY2,000(3人を超える部分、一人あたり)
保証金 JPY 15,000
保証金("Security Deposit")は、設備の損傷や紛失等に備えて、チェックイン時にホストに対して支払われ、チェックアウト時に返金されます。 ... さらに詳しく
キャンセル 適度
  • 滞在開始の30日以上前に予約をキャンセルした場合は100%の返金を受ける
  • 滞在開始の14日以上前に予約をキャンセルした場合は50%の返金を受ける



Please be reminded of the following guidelines and Japanese manners during your stay to make everyone feel comfortable and happy!

※ Please try and follow the Japanese manners while staying. (If you can not follow those guidelines, you may be forced to check out even during lodging).
1) After confirming the reservation, we will send you an IMPORTANT guide on how to check-in and with some description of the room, so please be sure to check the message thoroughly.
2) You may not be able to use the internet while heading to your room to check-in. In order to avoid trouble in such a case, please take a screenshot using your smart phone or print out the check-in guide.
※If you arrive in Japan without confirming my guide, you may have to wait for a long time until I respond to you on your arrival, even if you call me. So please check all the content.
3) Check out time is at 11 o'clock. In case of being late without permission, we will collect a fine of 5,000 yen per person per hour.
4) Please do not bother the neighborhood or cause trouble.
・Please do not make noise in rooms, shared space, buildings (entrance). Please keep in mind and keep as quiet as possible, especially considering the neighborhood from 9 PM to 7 AM.
・Please do not invite people other than guests to your room. If we discover that there are more people than you have stated to stay during your stay, we will charge twice the usual additional fees.
・Separate the garbage (bottle, can, plastic, others).
5) Common space (corridor and stairs), interior are all completely smoke-free.
6) Please collect garbage. Please keep collected garbage in designated place mentioned in your check-in guide.
7) When checked out leaving things that can not be disposed of as normal garbage, such as a suitcase, a stroller, huge boxes etc., we may charge the garbage disposal fees.
8) Please take off your shoes at the entrance (inside).
9) Hair dye is prohibited indoor, bathroom, washroom etc. ※ If you do so at the bathroom or wall, the dye can not be removed even after cleaned.
10) Please do not take home furnishings or items with you. If you take it back with you by mistake, please return it as soon as possible. If you take anything with you, or lose anything, you will be subject to paying the fees for replacements.
11) Please contact me immediately if you break anything in the room.
12) If you lose the room key, you will be charged 20,000 yen for key exchange.
※ If you accidentally take it home, we will charge you to return it as soon as possible and 5,000 yen as a key creation fee. That is because I have to guide new guests on same day or near future guests.
13) Losing or damaging the Pocket Wifi will incline you to a fee of (PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN)) Please let me know how many are you, including children number.

【Special Discount】
Regarding child fees
One child under the age of 12 years old will not be charged!
For example> 5 guests consisting of 3 adults and 2 children under 12 years old. Reservation will be for 4 guests!


チェックイン 午後3:00
チェックアウト 午前11:00
休日の家のサイズ 70 ft2
最短宿泊日数 1 泊
最長宿泊日数 90 泊