オリジナルタイトル: Traditional JP fashion house& rural life

Yamato Chō, Kumamoto Ken, Japan



  • 民宿(B&B)
  • まるごと貸切
  • 滞在者数 8名
  • ベッドルーム数2
  • ベッド数7
  • バスルーム1



About 30 minutes from Kumamoto Airport, 1 hour from Mt. Aso, Takachiho, Kumamoto city, there are many tourist attractions around. By staying here you could taste a real and cool Japanese rural life, experience wood burning, river fishing, BBQ, moss art, handicrafts, calligraphy etc.
This house was built 160 years ago, from interior decoration items, to the yard planted with plants are made by host couple themselves. Also they made a "goemonburo"(Cauldron Bath), which is very rare to see.

**********************Charming local life**********************

This old and large house was built 160 years ago and is located by a quiet river. The host couple made all of house little by little by themselves, from the accessories and interior decoration items, to the yard planted with plants and trees, and continued to maintain. You could certainly feel their heart and emotion which they put into from every corner.

In this beautiful nature, clean and fresh air, please experience this kind of Japanese traditional house life. Cherry blossoms in spring, river play and fireflies in the summer,autumn leaves in autumn, snow in winter.
The starry sky is so beautiful here that there even has an astronomical observatory nearby, sometimes you can see the Milky Way, full of mysterious beauty, stunning and Surprisingly. Absolutely can not be experienced in the city.

You may just enjoy nearby flowing River Mikawagawa, and do not need to go out anywhere all day. You could play near the river in the daytime, or read a book with a coffee on a wood deck which is set up on the river side, take a nap and just relax, it may be a good way to spend.

Another thin waterway is flowing just behind the old private house, and as a digression, host mother sometimes caught squirrels by pulling out a rod from the window of the room:)

**********************About Goemonmokuro**********************

Here we are proud that we have a "goemonburo"(Cauldron Bath), which is a traditional Japanese bath, and very rare to see. It is an independent hut on the side of the main building, also handmade by both host father and mother, from the base of the bath to the hut itself~
when you open the window it will be half open-air. It is one of the pleasures here if you feel like turning firewood on your own, burning it and taking a bath. Of course, there is also a modern bathroom in the house for those who are not familiar with Goemonbukuro.

※Tips: How to take a Japanese bath"goemonburo"
1. Inside the bath you will find a wooden hammer and a sink plug that is wrapped in a cloth. First thing is to insert the plug using the hammer provided. It is good to insert the tightly to prevent the water from escaping the bath.
2. Fill the bath with warm water (our "goemonburo" is not heated from beneath like the traditional one, because using tap water the process is much more faster).
3. Enter the bath using the wooden lid to cover the bottom.

Originally "goemonburo" was heated from beneath using fire. This process made the bottom extremely hot and the wooden lid was used to protect the bather from burning. Nowadays we use it to take a bath in a traditional Japanese way and to make bathing more comfortable for the legs.

**********************About Host couple**********************

However, the host couple are the ones that are most loved by guests, as well as the wonderful nature, 160-year-ago built old private house.
Host Mother is very kind and attentive with a very calm atmosphere, so when you talk with her you will be relaxed. Moreover she has a good sense, good at making moss art, handicrafts and original kimono, the kimono worn by three people in the listing photos are are hand-made by the mother.
Host father is always bright and humorous, it is very fun to talk with him. He often care for the garden or do some hobby work,very good at calligraphy, you can also have a chance to experience wood burning, river fishing, BBQ, moss art, handicrafts, calligraphy etc. Please feel the hospitality from plain and warm Kumamoto citizens with your own eyes and heart.

※We would ask you to bear only the material cost depending on the situation if you want to experience.


It is necessary to have a car for sightseeing.There is a parking space in the house.
※If you can't find the address by car's navigation,you could use this phone number which is the number of the closest post office. Please let us know the time you forward to the post office,host farther will wait for you there,it's really near to home.

From Kumamoto Airport 30mins by car
From Fukuoka Airport 1hr 48mins by car
To Mount Aso 1hr by car
To Takachiho 1hr by car
To Kumamono City 1hr by car
To Kurokawa Onsen 1.5hr by car
To Amakusa 2 hrs by car

Normally two rooms are provided.
· Room #1: 3 single Futons available
· Room #2: 1 double Futon and 2 single futons available
※Extra Room: 2 single futons
Capacity number is 7 people, but you can have two extra futons if necessary. Please contact us.

**********************Available amenities and service**********************
# TV set
# Wifi
# Air conditioning
# Hair dryer
# Washing machine
# Shampoo & Conditioner & Body soup
# Towels
# 2 washrooms
❤Free parking
❤Free Breakfast
❤¥2000/per person family cooking dinner







* まる貸切で、滞在中に他のゲストがいません。
* 泊まって頂く古民家は以前ホストが住んでおり、今でもゲストがいない時自分たちはここで過ごしてますので、私物がたくさん置いてあります。工芸品も小物がたくさん飾ってます。必ずお気をつけて扱ってくださいね。
* 床などに傷をつけてしまうため、ベットや他の置物を動かしたりしないでお願いします。
* 厨房はプライベートエリアのため、ご使用頂けませんのでご了承ください。
* 室外飼いですが、猫数匹と犬がいます。動物アレルギーの方は必ずを気をつけてください。


  • 喫煙OK
  • テレビ
  • WiFiネット接続
  • エアコン
  • 駐車場込み
  • 浴槽
  • 屋内暖炉
  • 朝食
  • 家族/子供連れOK


清掃費 JPY 8,500 (予約につき)
追加ゲスト料 JPY3,000(2人を超える部分、一人あたり)
保証金 JPY 10,000
保証金("Security Deposit")は、設備の損傷や紛失等に備えて、チェックイン時にホストに対して支払われ、チェックアウト時に返金されます。 ... さらに詳しく
キャンセル 適度
  • 滞在開始の30日以上前に予約をキャンセルした場合は100%の返金を受ける
  • 滞在開始の14日以上前に予約をキャンセルした場合は50%の返金を受ける




-Hosts lived in this private house, so they have a lot of personal items in the house, also they are spending their time here when there is no guest. Crafts and a lot of accessories are also decorating here, please be careful to deal with them.
- Do not move beddings or other figurines as it will scratch the floor etc.
- Because kitchen is private area, please understand that YOU CAN NOT USE KITCHEN.
- There are several cats and dogs outdoor kept. Please be sure to be careful with those who are allergic to animals.
- No smoking inside the room. But there is an outdoor smoking place.
- Please take off your shoes when entering the door.
- Please help us to keep our home tidy and clean, save water and electricity, protect the earth, save energy.
* 泊まって頂く古民家は以前ホストが住んでおり、今でもゲストがいない時自分たちはここで過ごしてますので、私物がたくさん置いてあります。工芸品も小物がたくさん飾ってます。必ずお気をつけて扱ってくださいね。
* 床などに傷をつけてしまうため、ベットや他の置物を動かしたりしないでお願いします。
* 厨房はプライベートエリアのため、ご使用頂けませんのでご了承ください。
* 室外飼いですが、猫数匹と犬がいます。動物アレルギーの方は必ずを気をつけてください。


チェックイン 午後3:00
チェックアウト 午前11:00
休日の家のサイズ 99 ft2
最短宿泊日数 1 泊
最長宿泊日数 90 泊